Update on Network Refresh Project

WALR is a data network refresh initiative to upgrade the infrastructure on every campus to a contemporary engineered standard. This multi-year project is comprehensive, but in the early phases we elected to emphasize less intrusive performance enhancements for residence halls and academic spaces by focusing on equipment replacement.  This year, however, we are completing full upgrades (equipment and cabling) for West and Alumni residence halls, installing cabling for the Longley building on the Depot campus, and deploying new network equipment for Ryan Hall. The cabling and equipment plan for this coming fiscal year includes all Avery Point buildings, buildings located along Horsebarn Hill, two buildings at the Hartford Law campus, and five other Storrs campus buildings.

There have been funding shortfalls and recent supply chain delays, but progress for the first three years remains consistent with budgeted scope.  For information about work that is complete, in progress, or planned, visit the updated project page at its.uconn.edu/network-refresh-project-overview.