Disaster Recovery (DR)

ITS maintains infrastructure and delivers applications critical to the daily operation of the University of Connecticut.  ITS, in cooperation with our business partners, have established recovery procedures for services considered necessary for emergency communication (tier 0) and for mission-critical applications and services (tier 1).


Tier 0: Websites and services are instantaneously available from a hot site. These services include:

  • Email
  • Authentication
  • Websites; alert.uconn.edu, email.uconn.edu, health.uconn.edu, itstatus.uconn.edu, publicsafety.uconn.edu, uconn.edu

These services are hosted on or fail over to cloud services.


Tier 1: Restored within 24 hours at our remote recovery facility located in the State’s data center in Groton, CT. These services include:

  • Peoplesoft Student Administration
  • Kuali (KFS, Kuali Rice)
  • Aurora

ITS assesses and updates the DR procedures as systems and services evolve, and then we test the plan annually to ensure its efficacy.