Expansion of Wireless Service

ITS will be expanding the wireless network service in university administrative and academic buildings.

Pervasive, fast, and reliable wireless service is both required and expected by the UConn community. Aging infrastructure and historically ad hoc deployment have resulted in an operating wireless deployment in university buildings that is limited to about 50% coverage. This is not adequate to deliver a service that effectively meets institutional needs. The University has recently made sufficient capital resources available for ITS to provide all administrative and academic buildings across all campuses with full wireless coverage. The work this funding enables has already begun and will be completed by the end of FY18. For an overview of the project, including a list of buildings being upgraded now, visit its.uconn.edu/uconn-wireless-service-expansion. A more comprehensive schedule will be available before the start of FY18. We appreciate that the administration was able to identify funds for this work and that we can make these investments on behalf of our community. We will provide status information periodically as the project proceeds.