Annual Disaster Recovery Test

DR is a critical operational IT capability designed and intended to quickly restore and deliver key services from a remote location in response to the catastrophic loss of our production facilities in Storrs.  ITS built and maintains functioning DR equipment in the state operated data center located in Groton, Connecticut.  We recently completed network upgrades to improve performance to this location and will be conducting a DR test there during the week of June 12.  We will simulate an active DR event by transitioning workloads from Storrs to Groton for selected tier 1 environments: Student Administration, Kuali Financials, Aurora (WordPress Service), and the NetID site (  These services will be disrupted for up to eight hours when they transfer from Storrs to Groton beginning at 9:00 am on Sunday, June 12 and again when they transfer back later that week.  ITS will maintain up-to-date information on the IT status page detailing these service migrations.  The exercise is projected to conclude by Wednesday evening of that week.