Network Refresh Project

ITS is engaged in a multi-year project to completely refresh the largest part of the data network, the access layer, on all campuses. This project not only replaces aging infrastructure but brings the University to a contemporary standard for connectivity.

The work required to bring buildings to a common contemporary standard depends on building age, condition, and renovation history. Depending on the condition of the network within the building, the work can range from nominal equipment and facilities upgrades to a comprehensive, and more disruptive, overhaul of cabling, equipment, and facilities. Some buildings also need updated or new electrical, HVAV, physical access, and telecom rooms to accommodate the new infrastructure and safely store equipment.

ITS coordinates the schedule and planned work with Facilities Operations; Office of the Provost; and University Planning, Design, and Construction.

If you have questions about this initiative, please contact the Project Manager.

graph showing total square feet and building count within project completedness

Figure 1. This chart displays progress on the WALR project by number of UConn buildings and by square footage. Data is from March 2022, which is year 3 of the project.