Data Network Refresh

The data network represents a large capital investment in facilities, cabling, and equipment. It is central to the vast majority of university activities, and demands on this vital resource continue to increase over time.  Although ad hoc improvements have been made coincident with building renovation projects and other targeted investments, the majority of the network infrastructure is at or near the end of its usable life, and significant updates are required to fully meet current and expected needs.  ITS worked with the university administration to identify resources for the first phase of a multi-year project to completely refresh the access, or edge, portion of our wired data network on all campuses.  The access layer is, by far, the largest part of the data network, and this initiative will be executed over five years.  ITS worked closely with the Office of the Provost to schedule FY2020 work, where we emphasized opportunities to improve customer experience and increase operational efficiencies.  We will coordinate this work with Facilities Operations and University Planning, Design, and Construction.  ITS will develop the FY2021 schedule with the Office of the Provost over the coming months. You may view the buildings on the schedule, the scope of work planned, and the target date of completion at