Upgrade Experience

Upgrading the network can be an invasive process, especially if cabling is involved. Technicians are in the building to assess, install, and then test the network, and there is a loss of connectivity during the transition.

ITS schedules this work to minimize disruptions to teaching, learning, working, and living. We have prioritized residence halls and buildings with large lecture halls during breaks in the academic calendar when fewer students are on-campus. If a building is under construction, we coordinate efforts to install cabling and equipment while the whole building is off-line.

These windows of opportunity are rare, and some buildings must be upgraded during the academic year.  For these buildings, we schedule in partnership with occupants to avoid times of heightened activity.

If the building requires new cabling, we communicate with occupants at least two weeks before the work begins. Cabling takes multiple weeks to install, and technicians are present for the installation. While the cabling is being upgraded, the wired network may be down, but we work to ensure that the wireless is available to minimize the loss of connectivity and productivity.

If the building only requires new hardware, occupants will lose network connectivity during a morning 5:30 – 7:30 am maintenance window while technicians connect cables to the new equipment. Again, we communicate with building occupants in advance.

After the Upgrade

As we complete a building, occupants will experience faster network speeds. Depending on the device, data speeds can increase up to 1GB. This will improve the performance of connected devices, significantly increase the data transfer rates for our researchers, and prepare UConn for a faster future.