Updates to ITS-Managed Computer Labs

ITS deploys, operates, and maintains the equipment in computer labs located in the libraries on all UConn campuses. The workstations at these locations have a 5-year lifecycle and are due for a refresh.  ITS has scheduled hardware replacement for this summer, when we will install new PCs and Macs.  The new devices will use the most up-to-date versions of their respective operating systems, which will be Windows 11 and macOS 12.4.

We also noticed that students were bringing their personal laptops into the labs and attaching them to the workstation monitors.  This had the side effect of preventing use of a workstation, and unfortunately, the equipment was not always restored to its original state.  To facilitate student access to better peripherals without interfering with those needing workstations, we will begin offering dedicated plug-in stations equipped with USB-C monitors.  This should help both students with personal devices and those wanting to use the lab computers.  ITS will continue to make adjustments as students’ needs evolve.