Personal Storage Changes

ITS will be retiring the personal (P) drive.

ITS provides all faculty, staff, and students with a centrally managed file share for personal storage of university data.  This consists of a folder on a legacy ITS file server that is usually presented as the P: drive.  Traditional file services are stable and reliable but have not evolved with the needs and expectations of the community.  In contrast, UConn has access to OneDrive, which is delivered with Office 365 as part of our enterprise Microsoft agreement.  OneDrive is a contemporary cloud service offering with features and capabilities that are simply not available from locally delivered traditional options.  Microsoft continues to improve their OneDrive cloud service by enhancing ease of use and increasing the default storage quota.

The infrastructure that ITS utilizes to deliver P: drive is at the end of its usable life.  ITS has decided not to reinvest in a fundamentally static legacy technology, and instead, we will facilitate a full transition of personal file services to OneDrive.  We will immediately stop provisioning new employees and students on the old service and will begin moving data from our local file servers to the Microsoft cloud.  Throughout the summer, accounts will migrate in batches based on NetID.  ITS has, itself, already transitioned fully, and we have used our experience to refine the process for you.  We will communicate broadly to account holders in advance and throughout the process.  Scheduling information will also be posted on the project page:  Customers can find OneDrive support information there as well.