Kuali Financials Migration to the Cloud

Kuali Financials is a comprehensive software suite from KualiCo that serves as the University’s financial system of record for accounting and other fiscal operations.  This environment has been maintained on-premise since 2012.  The ITS strategic direction is for substantive administrative systems to be externally hosted.  This facilitates continuous vendor deployment, which provides quicker access to new features and security updates without the effort and disruption associated with major upgrades.  About one year ago, ITS elected to migrate our Financials environment to KualiCo’s cloud-hosted environment.  A key focus of this transition was to remove or externalize customizations where practical.  This project was recently completed.  It successfully met project schedule and budget while delivering slightly increased scope.  By all measures, this very productive collaboration among ITS subject matter experts, the Controller’s office, and other key stakeholders reflects well on all involved.