Reporting Spam and Phishing Messages

There is a better process for reporting spam and phishing messages.

We have historically asked our community to share suspicious messages with ITS by forwarding them to  Our staff will review the subsequent support ticket and resolve the issue.  Microsoft has introduced a “report phishing” option in the Outlook ribbon that enables you to send the data directly to them.  Our security team monitors reports and incidents within the Microsoft 365 environment and can take additional action as needed.  This is a more streamlined solution for managing phishing and junk messages that improves email filtering and protection.  Employees should already see the feature in the new Outlook or in the Web version.  We will push this as an add-in for the “old” version of Outlook on Monday, November 27th.  Additional information is available on the UConn Knowledge Base.

Students should continue to forward messages to  This also remains available to faculty and staff, but using the new button is the recommended approach.  We ask for your help communicating this to others in your areas.