Integration Platform Service

At UConn, ITS and other units acquire, maintain, and evolve various technologies to support the diverse business, research, and academic needs of the University.  Disparate IT solutions often require connections to institutional data, external data, and each other in order to successfully perform their required functions.  These integrations have historically been ad hoc, where ITS follows vendor reference recommendations, pieces together existing solutions, or builds something new.  Although we invariably find solutions with this approach, it can be a time-consuming process, and the results often have a high carrying cost.  Integration platform as a service (IPaaS) is a set of automation tools used to integrate software applications that are deployed in different environments.  After a careful review of available options, ITS has selected and implemented Boomi as our strategic IPaaS.  With a graphical user interface and pre-built connectors, it streamlines development time and offers standardized capabilities while the unified platform reduces technical debt, simplifies overall management, and improves security.  This solution is available to developers at the University, and a “Getting Started with Boomi” document can be located by searching for “Boomi” in the UConn knowledge base (  You can also learn more at the upcoming IT Conference on Monday, November 6.