Changes to Email Addresses

ITS typically uses a standard format when we issue an official UConn email address.  There are, however, conflicts when two individuals share the same name. To compensate, middle initials and numbers are added to ensure the address is unique, but both the use of personal information as well as non-standard addresses frequently introduce confusion and mistakes.  Student addresses are owned in perpetuity, and this inevitably means problems increase steadily over time.  A NetID is always unique and is also perpetual.  Therefore, beginning this January, we will begin assigning new email addresses using a standard format.

ITS has historically allowed all account holders to create email aliases.  Aliases are not permanent and often change.  It is a common industry practice to use email addresses as usernames.  Unfortunately, there are issues when an account persists, but the email address used to create it does not.  To minimize this, we will be restricting the creation of email aliases to employees only.  These will be by request and not self-service.  This change will also go into effect this January.