New Conference Room Bundle

Colleges, schools, and departments at the University purchase, install, maintain, and support the audio-visual (AV) infrastructure in their individual conference rooms.  Consequently, there is a wide variation in equipment, lifespans, and experience.  The AV team within ITS provides assistance in conference rooms when they are able (classroom support is prioritized), but non-standard installations are a substantive impediment to effective support.

ITS staff began consulting on conference room designs several years ago to ensure our community had well-functioning equipment that we could better support.  This was helpful to our community, but it often involved multiple engagements to arrive at an acceptable design, and customers, at times, objected to the cost.  The team has redesigned the basic infrastructure and negotiated with Dell and our AV vendor.  Three standard equipment packages, which meet our guidelines for quality and supportability, can now be purchased from the Dell punch-out in HuskyBuy.  ITS was able to reduce the total cost of equipment and deployment by 50%.  We will, of course, still consult with individual departments and coordinate installation with the vendor.  Additional information about the cost, equipment included, and usage is available at: