Quotas on Google Workspace Accounts

ITS will begin implementing storage quotas on Google Workspace accounts starting this October.

ITS previously announced that we were transitioning our community from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365.  This decision was prompted when Google discontinued free, unlimited storage and moved to a fee-based model in 2022.  We purchased a plan with Google to avoid a sudden loss of services.  It does not, however, provide unlimited storage, and it is imperative that we manage use to meet the terms of the contract while we plan and execute the migration of existing data from Google to Microsoft.  We will ratchet down usage among active faculty, staff, and students by introducing storage quotas on Google Workspace accounts.  We will begin by applying a 15GB quota on student accounts using less than 14.5GB of storage.  This will result in no immediate impact but will impose downward pressure.  We will work with individuals above the quota to help bring them within the service limit.  Starting in the spring, we will begin a similar process with faculty and staff.