Upgrade Out-of-Support Mobile Devices

ITS strongly encourages the use of up-to-date hardware and software. As equipment ages, it eventually stops meeting the minimum technical specifications required to run current versions of the operating system and other software. It may be inconvenient when the newest features are unavailable on deprecated equipment, but unsupported software stops receiving security patches, and this introduces substantive risks to both individual and university systems and data. We often focus on workstations, but this life cycle dynamic applies to all devices. ITS manages cellular devices for the university via Motus, our dedicated mobility provider. Anyone with a university-issued mobile phone that is no longer eligible for vendor support should use the Motus Wireless Management portal to upgrade their device and ultimately, their software. Below is a list (as of October 2022) of devices that should be upgraded:

  • Apple iPhone 8 or earlier
  • Apple iPad Air 3rd generation or older, original iPad 4th generation and older, and iPad mini 4th generation and older. Note: all iPad Pro models are still compatible with the newest iOS version.
  • Android Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S series 10 or older

More information about Motus can be found at: kb.uconn.edu/space/IKB/10951524449