Managed Workstation Exemption Requests

ITS provides a managed workstation service for both university PCs and Macs where we require System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) for Windows and JAMF for OSX to patch and maintain the operating systems and Defender ATP, an endpoint detection and response platform, to protect against malware and other attacks. While we have used these products for some time without ill effects, we understand that there may be specific conditions, particularly associated with certain research requirements, where they may cause undue interference. To accommodate this, ITS has established a procedure to request that one or more not be utilized on a specific computer. The IT security team will assess the nature of the interference and evaluate any risk to institutional data and systems. Exceptions can be granted by transferring responsibility for proper maintenance (e.g., patches and upgrades), data protection, and physical security to local control.

We anticipate that this will be infrequent, but if you have constituents that bring suitable issues to your attention, have them initiate a review by contacting the Technology Support Center at or