Upcoming Improvements to Remote Desktop Support

ITS, in collaboration with UConn IT partners, began a software review this past spring of products used to remotely access and troubleshoot client computers.  BeyondTrust Remote Support, an industry leading cross-platform support tool, was our chosen solution.  It meets numerous security and other operating requirements, including granular control of permissions, 2FA-protected log in for technicians, and documented customer consent.  It also provides other useful capabilities, such as session logging and integration with our Jira ticketing system.  All customers will connect to a remote support session through a common UConn-branded portal (uconn-rs.beyondtrustcloud.com).  ITS will maintain a general concurrent license pool that we will make available to IT support staff for use in support of their respective areas, although units will also be able to purchase dedicated concurrent licensing for their teams.   We are in the final implementation stages and will begin internal testing with the Technology Support Center (TSC) next week.  Full production roll-out is expected this month.  Additional information will be provided as we proceed.