Expansion of Duo 2FA Protection

2FA greatly protects data and applications from compromise by using a second source of validation, like a phone or token, to verify user identity before granting access.  This prevents access, even if one of those factors has been compromised.  Core-CT and the Student Administration System currently require 2FA, but this protection has remained largely optional for our more general services.  2FA has rapidly become an industry best practice, and it is highly unlikely that UConn would be able to renew its necessary cybersecurity insurance without broad institutional adoption.

We have expanded our 2FA coverage so that Microsoft 365, including email, is now protected with other data and services when full 2FA Everywhere is enabled, and this will apply going forward whenever it is chosen.  ITS did not automatically add these new protections to existing full adopters.  On September 12th, ITS will enable full coverage protection for staff, special payroll employees, affiliates, and student employees.  We will do the same for faculty in October and students throughout November and December.  These pending changes, when applied, will automatically supplant prior selections.  Any customer, including those that have previously added broader protection, can also immediately and fully opt-in to the expanded coverage before we make this change on their behalf by navigating to netid.uconn.edu/management/duo and enabling 2FA Everywhere.

Your patience and understanding will be appreciated as we transition access to systems and applications where 2FA did not previously exist or was not required.  ITS will provide additional communication, both broad and targeted, to minimize confusion as this unfolds.