Kuali Financials

UConn has initiated the project to move Kuali Financials from on-premise to a cloud-hosted solution.

Kuali Financials is a comprehensive software suite that serves as the University’s financial system for accounting and other fiscal operations.  For the past 10 years, Kuali Financials has been maintained as an on-premise (on-prem) service.  This allowed ITS to retain access to the product code and make customizations requested by the community.  The future state of this application is as an externally hosted service, and UConn has begun the migration towards this end.  As part of the transition, the project team will strongly pursue an overall reduction in UConn customizations by leveraging new functionality, migrating to other applications, deprecating features, or modifying base code as a last resort.  The need for customizations has waned, and we want to take full advantage of the contemporary shift towards system-to-system integrations as an industry preferred approach.  The externally hosted product will also benefit our community as KualiCo will seamlessly deliver frequent incremental security and functional improvements typical of cloud services, instead of the large, disruptive upgrades performed sporadically on-prem by university staff.