New University Data Integration Strategy

UConn has a substantive collection of applications that share information as a normal and useful part of their operation. Traditionally, these integrations were established using tools, languages, and techniques tailored to specific projects and implementation teams. The complex, heterogeneous environment this ultimately produced imposes limits on capabilities and carries unnecessary risk that must be managed. This encouraged us to rethink our architecture and seek a solution that could deliver a more effective, scalable infrastructure for the university.

ITS and university IT professionals are evaluating and will be adopting an Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service (EIPaaS) product. EIPaaS acts as the conduit between disparate systems and offers a low-code/no-code development and deployment framework that will empower UConn application owners and developers. It improves operational efficiency through standardization and enhances security by reducing risk. EIPaaS will facilitate modern API development and deployment, business-to-business transaction management, and data integration processes. It will greatly contribute to leveraging university information as a strategic asset and to achieving the institutional long-term goal of data-driven decision making. Additional information will be promulgated as the project evolves.