Adding Cisco Umbrella to Administrative Computers

Cisco Umbrella is a Domain Name System (DNS) filtering product that guards against threats on the internet, such as malware, phishing, and ransomware.  DNS is a lookup service that converts names that we recognize, such as, to addresses that computers recognize, and Umbrella offers protection by blocking resolution of names that have been identified as dangerous.  Earlier this year, ITS deployed Umbrella on university infrastructure, but this did not extend to devices that were not on the UConn network.  ITS will add a client-based version of Umbrella to all university-owned, administrative computers starting August 16.  This will not impact their performance, but it will enhance security from any location as many of these devices have been and will continue operating remotely for at least a portion of their time.  One visible aspect of this change will be a page with information and a link to report false positives if they attempt to visit a website classified as a security threat.