Annual Disaster Recovery Test

ITS has scheduled disaster recovery testing of our tier 1 services for the week of June 6.

ITS annually tests the campus emergency disaster recovery (DR) plan to validate our ability to restore and operate essential IT services from our remote site in Groton.  In previous years, we would practice failing over and then restoring the test environments of IT services.  This year we will more closely simulate a DR situation and response by performing the exercise with a selection of tier 1 production environments: Student Administration, Kuali Financials, Aurora (WordPress Service), and NetID.  Services will be briefly disrupted when we transfer them from Storrs to Groton.  For this reason, we have coordinated the timing with service managers.  The transfer of services will begin at 9:00 am on Sunday, June 6, when system use is typically low.  Throughout the following week, we will maintain up-to-date information on the IT status page, including when each service will move back to the Storrs campus.