Solution for Call Centers

ITS is formally introducing the Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (Unified CCX) service offering.

When UConn shifted to mostly work from home in March 2020, ITS quickly organized a solution to permit units to answer university phone calls remotely.

However, while this interim approach was marginally effective, ITS continued to pursue alternatives, and we implemented Unified CCX.  This VOIP-enabled technology routes calls to both local and remote endpoints and helps manage volume when there are more calls than agents.  We piloted the technology with Financial Aid, and based on their positive feedback, began transitioning other university units to Unified CCX on request.  Normally we would have formalized the service offering before expanding it, but we elected to add additional customers early to meet their urgent needs.  This service offering is now officially available for university departments, and those interested should contact to initiate a transition conversation.  More information about this technology is available at