‘Tis the Season for Identity Theft

Cyber criminals notoriously exploit current events, like tax season, to mimic legitimate email messages.  These phishing messages are used to trick you into disclosing personal information that is then used to access your financial records, which could result in identify theft.  One ploy currently circulating in higher education communities, for example, attempts to steal your login credentials, which are then used to access your confidential payroll information, change direct deposit information, re-route paychecks, and file false tax returns.

We want our community to remain safe from these attacks. The University follows best practices for its various systems, and we ask that you also take steps to protect yourself. A general strategy to always follow is to not disclose personal information, like your UConn NetID and password, in response to any interaction that you did not explicitly initiate. Unsolicited emails or phone calls that attempt to obtain information from you should not be trusted, even if they appear or sound plausible.

ITS has detailed information on security.uconn.edu about how to identify phishing messages, and we encourage you to review this material. If you ever need assistance with your NetID account and suspect that you are victim to a scam, contact the ITS Technology Support Center at 860.486.4357 or techsupport@uconn.edu. For questions about your paycheck or W-2, contact the Payroll Main Office at 860.486.2423.