Kaltura Lecture Capture Self-Service

The Kaltura Lecture Capture (KLC) service now has enhanced self-service capabilities.

The KLC service enables instructors to record and publish video, audio, and screen captures from their courses.  Previously, instructors had to reserve specific videoconference-enabled rooms and coordinate recordings with ITS’s Academic IT staff.  Increased demand encouraged ITS to explore service expansion and ease of use improvements.  We have elected to improve self-service capabilities for live KLC, where instructors can perform ad hoc recordings in high-tech classrooms and retrieve their files from UConn’s KLC online portal.  These new capabilities are available in select high-tech classrooms but have the potential to be scaled much more readily.  ITS, in collaboration with the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL), will explore the best practical ways to expand the self-service model of live KLC.


For more information about the service, including classrooms with self-service KLC configured, visit ait.uconn.edu/lecture-capture.