Update on Microsoft Windows 10 deployment

It is important from a robust operations as well as a security perspective that all software be up-to-date and fully patched.  Third party software increasingly requires a current 64-bit Operating System (OS) for updates.  A legacy OS should not be maintained without a truly compelling business requirement.  Through all of 2017, ITS has emphasized a transition to the current Microsoft Windows OS.  Win10 was installed on all new computers issued through the Managed Workstation program.  Over this semester break, we will finish deploying Win10 on all classroom computers and will update the running image in SkyBox.  We have also updated community workstations on request.  ITS continues to experiment with its own workstations to identify the best practical process to upgrade individual PCs efficiently and with minimal disruption.  In 2018, we will aggressively pursue upgrading all university PCs to Win10.  We will provide additional information to specific groups in advance of any changes and keep the community updated as we progress.