UConn LastPass Licenses

LastPass is a secure password manager that supports good password hygiene. It lets you safely store credentials for online accounts, protects them with one master password, and then automatically enters your service specific credentials when you log in to services on any device with the LastPass app or extension installed.  Weak and reused passwords can be exploited and leveraged to compromise accounts.  LastPass simplifies password use, and this greatly facilitates the use of more complex and unique passwords for individual services.

The UConn license includes the basic offerings, such as form completion and password generation, as well as advanced features, such as Dark Web monitoring and a security dashboard.  Our subscribers may also leverage LastPass for a team, where they can manage shared passwords for applications, and take advantage of the LastPass Families benefit, which provides up to five personal licenses. As with most subscription services, the license is only available if the individual is actively enrolled or employed at UConn. You can learn more about LastPass and opt-in to the service at kb.uconn.edu/space/IKB/26207649811.

We want to acknowledge that LastPass experienced a security breach in the latter half of 2022.  Encrypted copies of subscribers’ “vaults” were taken, but the content was safe as long the associated master password was strong.  With a UConn license and when using NetID credentials, the master password will be protected by the combination of federated login and Duo two-factor authentication.  For more information about the breach and ITS’s position and recommendations, please see security.uconn.edu/2023/01/12/lastpass-incident.