Update on Firewall Migration Project

The legacy Fortinet OPS firewall protects the servers and applications housed within the University data center from malicious traffic. It is at the end of its usable life and is no longer supported by the vendor.  We have been transitioning servers and applications to a new Fortinet firewall and updating rules to meet current best practice.  ITS finished migrating its facilities in December, and we are engaged with our university IT partners to move what remains.  Approximately 50 servers, however, have not been claimed by any owner.  We will begin moving them to the new firewall and applying a default security policy on February 18, 2022.  However, if we cannot engage with the owners, we will not have details on how each operates at the application level, and there may be interruptions.  Further, the University System and Application Security Policy requires a defined administrator for every server on the university network.  We will continue to pursue a responsible party for each server, but if nobody can be located, they will eventually be decommissioned.