Updates to the UConn Knowledge Base

We maintain the Knowledge Base (KB) on Confluence, Atlassian’s collaboration tool.  Our current implementation of Confluence, along with other applications in the Atlassian suite, is ITS managed on-prem in the university Data Center.  We are migrating our suite to the Atlassian Cloud this weekend.  This will improve availability, and Atlassian will implement version upgrades with minimal to no downtime.

In addition to hosting changes, we are updating the organization and design of the KB.  Content will be grouped into topic-based categories (in Confluence, these are called spaces).  Theme changes will unify the appearance and improve searchability of the content.  These updates better position the KB to grow as an inclusive UConn resource used by creators to curate content and by our community to readily find information that they need.

The migration begins this evening and will continue into next week.  Once ready, we will point kb.uconn.edu at the new KB.  This cutover will be announced.