Registration of Wireless Devices

The internet protocol (IP) addresses for devices on the UConn network are overwhelmingly dynamic and are issued automatically by the network for specified durations.  These vary over time, but this is generally transparent to device owners.  On the other hand, devices providing remote services, such as network printers, gaming consoles, and some smart televisions, are much more convenient to access if their IP addresses are static, meaning that they do not change.  Device owners have historically requested these persistent addresses by submitting tickets to the Technology Support Center (TSC).  While these requests are typically processed quickly by TSC staff, there are natural delays for those submitted after business hours or during high volume periods, such as campus move in day.  This year, we have streamlined the process by creating an online self-service form and automated workflow where students can register and have static IP addresses assigned to one or more devices at any time.  The form is available at, and we are communicating this directly to students.