Aurora service changes

ITS has made changes to the Aurora service in response to the Chrome web browser security updates.

Google released version 62 of Chrome this week, and it continues the evolution towards their recommended security posture.  Specifically, the browser now marks HTTP sites with entered data and HTTP sites in Incognito mode as non-secure.  Forms, which require entered data, are incorporated into Aurora and used frequently by many of the sites that leverage our WordPress-powered content management system.  To prevent Aurora-built sites being labeled as non-secure in Chrome, ITS has elected to purchase and install SSL certificates for sites with domains and are exploring options for sites that are not in the domain.  At the end of the month, we will transition Aurora sites in the domain to HTTPS only.  In preparation for the change and as a soft launch, we have enabled SSL on Aurora so site owners can test their websites using HTTPS.  For more information about how to test your site, visit