Classroom signage

New procedures and signage for UConn classrooms is being implemented to keep them ready for teaching and learning.

The Classroom Management Committee (CMC), established by the Office of the Provost to oversee instructional facilities, has received numerous complaints about the misuse of classrooms and their digital technology outside of scheduled instructional time.  Instructors reported broken audiovisual equipment, misplaced furniture, and trash in the mornings.  This negatively impacted the learning environment and detracted from instruction time.  To address these issues, the CMC reviewed, updated, and published the Assignment of Instructional Space procedure (, which outlines appropriate use of generally scheduled classroom space and equipment.  It restricts availability to the hours between 6:00 am and 11:00 pm and outlines protections for the audiovisual equipment.  The CMC is also posting printed and digital signs in classrooms and main areas that spotlight key points about acceptable use and hours of operation.  We understand that you often field questions about classrooms and wanted to share the rationale behind the changes to help you respond to likely queries from your constituents.