Aurora web content service updates

ITS has made recent updates to the Aurora web content service.

Visibility establishes an organization’s brand in an existing market.  The ability for departments and other units to maintain a positive online presence with their target audiences impacts all aspects of their respective missions, from recruitment and retention through service delivery and knowledge creation.  Aurora, the University’s WordPress-powered web content management system, supports the broad communication needs and varying technical levels of the community.  We evolve our service continuously based on direct community feedback so it will remain relevant and useful for diverse purposes and needs.  To this end, ITS continuously reviews and adds new widgets (units of functionality) and has recently doubled the default storage limit.  To encourage adoption of Aurora, ITS also produced a series of training videos to provide self-help to those new to the system.  We encourage individuals to review the service periodically and to utilize any and all capabilities as they see fit.  Information about each feature and access to the training material is available at