Phishing education

ITS has implemented changes that will help members of our community better protect themselves from phishing emails.

Phishing emails trick individuals into divulging personal information and credentials.  This harms them and threatens others by giving perpetrators a foothold to expand.  ITS has proactively disseminated informational materials through various channels, alerted the community to particularly widespread or effectively targeted attacks, and consistently responded to incidents by initiating internal IT security processes.  Despite these efforts, attacks remain a persistent threat to our community, and this has prompted ITS to explore additional strategies.  Starting the week of November 6, ITS will begin redirecting identified malicious links to a website that will warn individuals that they tried to follow a dangerous link and that will provide them with techniques for detecting fraudulent messages.  We invite you to preview the following page:


Phishing scams cannot succeed without the unwitting cooperation of the target, which is why focused education is a key mitigation tactic.  We wanted to share the details of this change with you in advance to help you be better prepared to answer questions from your constituents.