Upcoming firewall changes

ITS will implement firewall changes on September 13th that will impact the university wireless network.

The industry best practice of network segmentation is an implementation choice that collects like activities onto independent networks with distinct security policies and operating practices.  To improve the network security posture at the institution, ITS has been developing a Server Inventory and Data Protection Initiative whereby we propose to formally separate network clients from network servers.  Restricting generic clients (e.g., phones, tablets, and laptops) to networks designed for their normal use will make it practical to improve security by implementing more extensive access and operating controls.  Unlike our wired networks, the university wireless networks are already client-only by design and practice, and we can enhance security there without disrupting supported activities.  We have shared this plan with our IT Technical Partners group and have also engaged other IT staff to inventory the assets connected to our wireless networks.  However, if you know of any use cases in your area that are inconsistent with this adjustment to infrastructure posture, we ask that you contact Ian Rogers in the ITS Security Office (ian.rogers@uconn.edu) so that we can identify and pursue suitable alternatives.