How to request and advocate for centrally-funded software

As a central provider of IT services, ITS is responsible for licensing, procuring, delivering, and maintaining software delivered at an institutional level.  Within the constraints of finite resources and subject to the terms and conditions of any agreements, we endeavor to provide software that effectively meets community needs and that is as broadly accessible as might be practical.  Historically, the UConn Software group fielded software requests and advised ITS on community alignment.  However, since many of its most active members also participate in our IT Technical Partners group, this role has been folded into the responsibilities of the governance body.

If you would like ITS to consider a request to centrally fund new software, contact the Technology Support Center after reviewing what is currently available.  You are welcome and encouraged to attend an IT Technical Partners meeting to advocate for your request.  These meetings are open to the university community and more information, including upcoming meeting dates, is available at  You can also stay informed of any software additions or changes by subscribing to the UConn Software listserv.