Updated Dell Computer Image

New Dell computers ordered on or after Monday, August 22nd through the HuskyPC program will ship with Windows 10 (Win10) as the installed operating system. Computers ordered today through the HuskyPC program ship with Windows 7 (Win7) as the installed operating system. Win10 is the current version of the operating system, which was released for general availability by Microsoft at the end of July 2015.  ITS encourages our community to run up-to-date versions of software to ensure maximum compatibility and the best practical experience with centrally provided systems and services.  Since the release of Win10, we have performed upgrades to a number of central tools to facilitate its support within our Managed Workstation service.  It is the natural next phase of adoption for newly purchased institutional computers to ship with this version of the operating system.  However, if an individual or department has a business need or use case that is not yet compatible with Win10, ITS will perform a downgrade to Win7 for machines in our Managed Workstation service.  We can also provide downgrade assistance, where appropriate, to individuals and departments that independently manage equipment.