Improvements to UConn Data Network

Maintenance and management of the university data network infrastructure requires ongoing effort and upgrades in order to preserve or improve capacity, capabilities, and robustness.  ITS has refreshed the vast majority of buildings’ cabling, telecommunication closets, and equipment that make up the access layer of the network.  This ongoing effort addresses the edge of our data network, which is where individual devices physically connect.  ITS is rebuilding the core and distribution layers, which carry traffic between buildings and the Storrs campus data centers.  We will be actively migrating connections to new equipment that has been installed in the main data centers.

There will be a brief, one-to-five-minute outage at each location while a network cutover is performed.  We will post information on and communicate with those impacted in advance of any disruption.  Additional project information, including a map of progress, is available at: