Enhancement to Data Network

ITS has focused on the largest part of our wired network, the access layer or edge of our internal infrastructure, and has made significant progress raising it to a contemporary standard over the past four years.  Updated network cabling, equipment, and facilities provide substantively better capacity and performance within each of the fully completed buildings.  However, overall bandwidth to and from our main data center and between UConn and the Internet is still constrained by the parts of our network that carry traffic between buildings.  ITS will completely replace the core and distribution layers of the Storrs data network this summer.  Equipment is scheduled for delivery in late June and will immediately undergo testing and configuration to prepare it for deployment.  Our technicians will migrate to the new infrastructure once it is fully installed and operating.  There will be a brief, planned outage at each location while the final network cutover is performed.  We will communicate and coordinate with building occupants in advance of any disruption.