Vulnerability Management Platform

Kenna Security, a part of Cisco Systems, provides industry-leading technology that leverages threat intelligence and data science to identify and assess vulnerability risks, allowing IT professionals to better prioritize resources.  ITS purchased and implemented Kenna this year, deploying it to ingest data from Nessus, a network scanning solution, and Windows Defender, an antivirus solution.  Kenna correlates this information against known and active cyber threats, generates an overall “risk score” that communicates both the severity and likelihood of exploitation for a school or organization’s servers, and provides actionable recommendations on how to triage and remediate IT security risks.

Threats to enterprise networks and systems are increasingly varied, complex, and frequent.  The consequences of an attack are more severe when servers and other sensitive resources are breached.  Kenna provides much needed insights into specific aspects of the University’s risk posture that can help us shrink our vulnerability footprint.  The ITS security team has been introducing Kenna to IT professionals across the University.  If you are interested in access, contact them at