Management of Wireless Data Network

ITS is updating how we will support our wireless data network.

The current wireless data network infrastructure (Wi-Fi) consists of over 11,000 access points managed by a small number of centralized controllers.  This highly scalable infrastructure allows ITS to effectively deliver a robust service to many customers across all of our campuses and other locations.  To maintain and evolve Wi-Fi and in response to direct customer feedback requesting improvements, we have chosen Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) as a strategic authentication platform to better protect this far-ranging and critical network.  ISE streamlines policy enforcement and simplifies automated delivery of secure network access control.  It is consistent with zero-trust networking, an industry best practice requiring users to be authenticated and authorized for access to the network and its connected resources.  ISE will allow us to better facilitate and support the encryption and compatibility needs of current generation devices and limit unencrypted network use primarily to Internet-based services (e.g., email, streaming services).  In addition to enhanced security, ISE will introduce new features, including a sponsored access portal for guests, device self-registration and management, and better options for non-traditional devices.

ITS has completed the preliminary configuration, and in preparation for a full production launch of ISE, we will now begin pilot deployments.  If you would like to be added to our list of potential beta testers, please complete this brief form: