New Tuition Waiver Tool

A new employee and spousal tuition waiver tool was launched on the first day of classes.

Historically, to receive a tuition waiver, employees were required to enter considerable data into disparate online forms.  Administrative departments would then validate eligibility based on a complex set of contractual agreements and University policies.  There was feedback that the entire process was cumbersome, time consuming, and error prone.  ITS partnered with Human Resources, Tax and Compliance, and the Office of the Bursar to create a new online application for both UConn and UConn Health.  This tool pre-populates appropriate employee data elements, adds integrations to the Student Administration System for course searches and registration, and incorporates an option for requesting a flexible work schedule.  All forms are electronically routed first to the employee’s supervisor and then to the appropriate business offices, streamlining administrative review and enhancing compliance.  Additional information about the program and access to the tool is available at