Remote Access Updates

ITS is implementing changes that will better secure remote connectivity to campus.

In 2015, ITS responded to a security vulnerability by informing the community that external access to Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) would be discontinued on all UConn campuses and urging them to use the ITS-provisioned Remote Desktop Gateway (RDG) instead.  We are aware that some areas have continued to use RDP on non-standard ports.  The University’s cyber liability insurance mandates that we meet specific standards.  Our carrier is requiring us to shut down external access to RDP services except via two-factor authenticated RDG.  Effective Monday, January 11, we will prevent generic RDP from traversing the university boundary, and we will scale up the two-factor RDG pilot from ITS only to the entire university.  Use of RDP through the university VPN will not be impacted because those external clients are effectively internal to the institution.  More information about remote access options is available at