File Sharing Services

File sharing gives others access to digital media and is a key mechanism for collaboration.  In the past, this was limited to sending, receiving, or accessing information in files, but modern systems also support co-authorship, versioning, and concurrent editing.  One of the file sharing services that ITS provides is the more traditional Filelocker, often used to send or request files between someone at UConn and someone outside the institution.  OneDrive fulfills similar functions but also offers better security and a contemporary set of capabilities.  We are encouraging our community to transition to the feature rich OneDrive.  To better support this, we are adding to our collection of support articles on the IT Knowledge Base ( and will be reaching out to those who use Filelocker to discuss alternatives.  ITS is continuing to maintain Filelocker, and we will be moving it to a new server this December.  We will, however, evaluate this legacy service periodically and consider sunsetting it as usage shifts over time.