Device Requirements for Student Success

The University is announcing device requirements for new and continuing UConn students.

The transition to online learning and the prospect of continuing this teaching and learning modality has underscored the importance of adequate technology.  In order to participate in courses, whether they are held on-site or online, students need equipment that performs well, can effectively run needed software, and facilitates high-quality interactions using network conferencing.

ITS has not historically made specific hardware recommendations, and the University has not required device purchases.  However, if UConn students do not have equipment that meets minimum requirements, it will negatively impact their success.  Working with faculty and staff, we have collaboratively identified minimum technical specifications for use by students, instructors, and staff.  Since this information impacts purchasing decisions that many families are making now, Undergraduate Admissions is sending a message to students informing them of these standards.  More information is published on and included in a comprehensive tech training course provided to all students through HuskyCT.