Classroom Lecture Capture Enhancements

ITS is adding self-service lecture capture capabilities to more UConn classrooms.

ITS provides lecture capture services that support synchronous (streamed) and asynchronous (recorded) content delivery.  In classrooms equipped with self-service capabilities, instructors can stream or record their lectures on the fly and without additional support from technicians.  We are greatly expanding this by installing the equipment for self-service lecture capture in an additional 150 classrooms on the Storrs and regional campuses.  The university-wide transition to online classes has certainly highlighted the role of remote instruction technologies, and increasing these will provide faculty and students with more options for teaching and learning.  ITS remains resolutely committed to the success of the UConn community and is happy to share that these accelerated investments will be completed before the start of the fall term.  More information about lecture capture and other capabilities available in individual classrooms can be found at