New Account Sponsorship App

A new Account Sponsorship application is available on

A NetID account provides most UConn faculty, staff, and students with general authenticated access to university resources.  Affiliate accounts serve a similar role, but under more limited circumstances such as temporary accounts for individuals, work accounts to separate the dual roles of student employees, and NetIDAdmin accounts for administrative access to specific systems.  Historically, requests were submitted to ITS to have affiliate accounts created and managed.  We received feedback that this was often inconvenient.  The new Account Sponsorship application introduces a self-service capability that enables full-time employees to create, manage, and expire accounts that they sponsor.  The new application will go live on Monday, May 18 and will be available on after logging into the system.  ITS will be sending targeted communications to current account owners and sponsors to support migration of existing accounts.  Additional information is available on by searching for “account sponsorship.”