Your network identifier (NetID) and password credentials are essential to navigating online resources at UConn. 

While these remain the cornerstone of your digital identity, security concerns and personal preferences encourage the development of additional protections and customizations to give you more control over your online presence.  With additional capability comes additional complexity.  The old monolithic application that exists today at has been rewritten in a modular fashion to more cleanly separate the support elements (public) from the individual management elements (protected).  This is intended to better surface the tools that enable our community to manage their identity and to facilitate future capabilities.  This is a work in progress, and we have already identified a number of additional changes.  However, we strongly feel that the community would be best served if the design decisions were more broadly informed.  We are asking that you take a few minutes to preview the site/application at the following location:  This is an internal web site/application with elements that will ask for credentials.


Please forward any feedback to