Updates to Lecture Capture

ITS supports hardware and software used for recording, streaming, and sharing classroom and other instructional content. Lightboard is a recording studio with a transparent panel that allows instructors to face their audience while writing content on the screen. Room upgrades include the installation of a touch panel beside the glass screen that looks and functions similarly to those found in hi-tech classrooms. It facilitates settings and background changes and increases the efficiency of the recording process by translating faculty classroom experience to the studio. Kaltura is a cloud-based software application used to edit and publish videos. Updates to the Kaltura service help instructors to much more easily cut and edit material in the middle of a presentation. This makes it our most comprehensive solution for editing and publishing videos and allows content creators to independently deliver high quality materials. For more information about these and other services, visit ait.uconn.edu.

IT systems, services, and capabilities continuously evolve, and we strive to maintain the best practical balance between currency, capability, complexity, and cost. Support for the teaching and learning endeavor is a core component of our existing strategic plan, and ITS pursues continuous improvements in fulfillment of our ongoing commitment to the university community and their institutional mission.